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Jamaican born, New York raised, and South Florida living, Sean Simpson captures moments in time. He is not sure when his love of photography began because of its long-term influence in his life; however, he does know that it most likely began with a conversation with one of his most beloved uncles, one who continues to be a mentor to him to this day. Capturing the world around him has always been something he treasures, whether it is through landscape, portrait, macro, event, or wildlife photography.

Simpson, also a passionate chemistry teacher, was inspired by one of his students to step outside his comfort zone and tackle fashion photography. This challenge ignited his immense love for shooting fashion, runways, and editorials. Simpson has always enjoyed a good challenge, and in his artwork, he seeks to take on new hurdles that are outside the practice of the everyday photographer. His artwork varies from classic landscape photography to his new underwater collection, “Effortless Beauty”, which also includes water droplet macro photography, all of which are hand-framed by him in several unique and custom styles.
The creation of the frames was an idea that sparked from Simpson's desire for singularity.  Simply buying a frame off the shelf just wasn't suitable for the artwork he created and he aspired to match the beauty of the photographs with an equally artistic frame. Simpson craved a way to furthermore show his love and passion in his artwork whilst busying his hands therapeutically during the frames' construction;  these frames posed as a way to focus his thoughts and energy away from a tragic event affecting his school community and himself.  

He hopes you enjoy the art as much as he enjoys creating it.

Head Photographer at

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